SkyPacks are aerodynamically engineered to float harmlessly to the ground, carrying a myriad of payloads to disaster victims who are in need. Instead of dangerous air drops of heavy pallet-sized rations (generally requiring cleared drop zones, recovery personnel, and force protection assets; SkyLIFE distributes packs of individual servings over wide areas, thereby ensuring that each individual has an opportunity to receive needed supplies. SkyPacks can contain food, water, hygiene, power, survival, blankets, shelter, and even communications devices (see our section on the SkyCOM). Also engineered to be environmentally friendly, SkyPacks are made of special plastics which can be burned for heat and produce similar byproducts as burning wood. SkyPacks can be stored for up to 5 years, depending on payload, and will float if dropped in water. SkyPacks are ideal for keeping people alive until traditional disaster relief efforts arrive. SkyLIFE saves lives.

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SkyLIFE Boxes

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Pop-Top Box

To ensure the SkyPacks are dispersed correctly, they are packed in and deployed from the Pop-Top boxes. These can be deployed from aircraft as small as Cessnas up to and including large military cargo aircraft such as the C-17 and C-130. Normally, each box will contain approximately 100 SkyPacks

SkyLIFE Air to Ground Delivery Box

When larger (or fragile) items need to be safely delivered, SkyLIFE Air to Ground Delivery boxes can be used. These boxes do not open in mid-flight, but rather, float harmlessly to the ground under special parachutes. Generally, these boxes weigh 55 pounds (24.9 kg) and less, but custom delivery boxes can be designed by our SkyDesign Team (Engineering Services department).

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Deployment Gaylord

SkyLIFE Gaylord Boxes

In order to maximize the number of packs carried by each cargo aircraft sortie, SkyLIFE Dispersal boxes may be deployed from inside the SkyLIFE Gaylord box. Each Gaylord will contain from 12 to 24 Dispersal boxes and are engineered to deploy from Cargo Delivery System (CDS) equipped aircraft as well as flat-bottomed cargo bay aircraft. Once deployed, Gaylord boxes float safely to the ground and can be used for shelter and/or storage of supplies.

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Pre-recorded Audio

Each SkyCOM (SkyLIFE Audio card) has the ability to store and play 90-seconds of audio, in whatever language or languages the customer desires (three 30-second messages in three different languages). Battery life will support approximately 60 minutes of play time depending on the number of times the recording is played. Messages can be uploaded via 100-card loading devices or, in the very near future, wirelessly via Bluetooth. This will enable users to pre-position thousands of packs and then rapidly load the most pressing messages just prior to delivery. SkyCOM will now give relief agencies and governments the ability to spread the word that help is on the way…

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ugged DAMs loader with Card

Integrated AM/FM Receiver

When the situation is constantly changing, many times a static recorded message will need updating. SkyCOM gives this flexibility by incorporating either an FM or AM receiver which enables disaster victims to receive periodic updates or instructions. Being able to tell disoriented populations information about where to go (or not go) and when traditional aid relief will arrive, can restore the confidence of populations who are used to and depend on integrated networks of cell phones and radio stations.

Printed Instructions In Native Languages

In addition to the digital messages that the Audio Cards can contain operating instructions, survival tips, and even directions to pre-planned medical relief sites can be printed on the outside of Audio Cards. These, in conjunction with printed instructions on the outside of SkyLIFE packs, boxes, and Gaylords, can provide valuable information and guidance to affected populations seeking help.


RPS System

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Faster Response

The most difficult part of humanitarian logistics is the “Last Mile.” However, using SkyLIFE’s unique Remote Packing System (RPS), completed aid packs can be pre-positioned in locations that can respond within hours of a disaster. By stockpiling SkyLIFE relief packs with a local labor force, using payloads from regional vendors, emergency crews can be assured of being able to respond when their country most needs them.

Local Labor Force Initiatives/Capacity Building

SkyLIFE can also invigorate local labor forces by operating licensed or SkyLIFE-led RPS production teams. In addition to using local labor, SkyLIFE RPS can load local or regionally produced payloads, thereby increasing the capacity of host country efforts towards preparedness and financial resilience. Disaster preparedness is best performed when local leaders and citizens participate in building the local economy as well as in preparing for future emergencies.

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Custom Tailored Payloads

While seemingly more cost-efficient, generic aid supplies are not necessarily the best products for every disaster in every location. Instead, SkyPacks can be loaded with individual servings of the payload of your choice using the RPS. Even the labels and messaging within the packs can be custom tailored to the intended recipients.