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Rapid Response

Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief (HADR) responses no longer have to wait until ports and airfields are opened, roads cleared, and distribution networks are created, before giving critical aid to affected populations. Instead, pre-positioned SkyLIFE packs can be aerially delivered directly to the areas that are hardest hit and that may have to wait for a prolonged period of time before traditional relief efforts can arrive. SkyLIFE deliveries are temporary measures designed to prolong life, reduce suffering, and provide critical instructions to people who have just experienced devastation. SkyLIFE is the perfect complement to existing NGO immediate relief efforts.

Reach the Unreachable

Humanitarian aid personnel know that “The Last Mile” is the toughest challenge in logistics. Obstacles such as: inhospitable terrain, foul weather, impassable roads, jammed rail, airport, and port facilities, and even hostile warlords or gangs can make this “Last Mile” even more difficult. SkyLIFE overcomes these obstacles by safely delivering aid packs from high above the ground. Locations that would take weeks to reach using traditional ground methods, can be helped in hours.

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Avoid hoarding and banditry

SkyLIFE packs are “distributed” across broad areas making hoarding or even banditry extremely difficult, if not impossible. Our engineering goal became our trademark and motto, “Mass Distribution, Micro DeliveryTM”, ensuring that every individual, even within large groups, can receive aid.

Less perceived intrusion/Less direct military interaction

Despite deployed to help disaster victims, the presence of heavy equipment, foreginers, and even the military threaten many populations. Additionally, some governments are reluctant to authorize aid from other countries as this might appear to convey a message that they are weak, vulnerable, and/or unable to care for their own people. In these instances, SkyLIFE packs can be specially tailored to convey specific messages, without requiring a large footprint or threatening presence. Plus military participation can be limited to non-threatening high altitude airdrops of much needed relief aid.

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Deliverable with fixed-wing or rotary-wing assets

Following the old adage, “Use the right tool for the right job…” SkyLIFE packs can be delivered by either heavy cargo aircraft (C-17, C-130, or IL-76), helicopter (CH-53, CH-47, Mi-26) or even light civilian aircraft (Cessna). Depending on the area and number of people needing help, SkyLIFE can deliver the right aid in the right proportions at the right times.


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