Immediate Response

Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief (HADR) responses are no longer limited to the availability of amphibious lift or even the functionality of host nation ports and airfields. Instead geographic combatant commanders can respond immediately with relief missions conducted by long range cargo aircraft, delivering life-preserving supplies well before the first ships of traditional cargo arrive.

Less Threatening to Affected Populations

Because SkyLIFE packs are delivered from the air, populations have less interaction with uniformed troops and heavy equipment. In the early stages where confusion and fear are rampant, SkyLIFE packs, filled with needed relief supplies, flutter safely to the ground,providing hope and Sustenance.


Fewer “Boots on the Ground”

Instead of manning warehouses, distributing food by hand, and providing force protection for convoys and distant distribution points, military requirements for “boots on the ground” may be reduced when using SkyLIFE. By delivering aid packs from cargo aircraft and helicopters, the military can better utilize its unique capabilities in disaster relief efforts. This means fewer troops on the ground, less of a presence to support,and less force protection to provide. This means the military can respond more quickly, and yet still have more forces remaining for strictly military commitments.

No Landing Strips or Ports Required

After many disasters, critical infrastructure, such as ports and airfields are destroyed, severely degraded, or simply overcrowded from the onrush of media and well-intentioned aid agencies. SkyLIFE is not dependent on these, and can rapidly deliver life-saving aid while the affected infrastructure is repaired.

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Stay Above the Threat Envelope

In situations where there is a surface-to-air or small arms threat, SkyLIFE packs can be deployed well above many threat envelopes, keeping aircrews safe and yet still delivering critical supplies to those who need them most. As relief efforts are often conducted in the midst of man-made disasters such as rogue bands of terrorists or bandits, deliveries can now be conducted with precision and safety.

Perfect for Civil Affairs (CA) Missions

SkyLIFE and its patented Audio Card are perfect for delivering aid and important messages to inhabitants who are in danger zones or that need instructions keep them safe . Offering written (flyers) and pre-recorded messages (in the local languages and dialects) as well as from integrated FM/AM receivers, CA units can convey critical messages to populations that either have limited communications infrastructure or whose media is being supressed by hostile regimes. Click here to learn more about the SkyLIFE Audio Card.

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