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Foster good relations with affected/ supported governments

Countries provide aid to those in need for many reasons, including the hope of fostering better relations between their peoples. As such, many times countries may opt to provide aid, and give the credit to the very government they are supporting. SkyLIFE aid packs can deliver that message with customizable pack labels, payloads, and messages – all designed to convey the specific message you want to send.

Rapid response with Media-friendly visuals

The primary purpose of government is to protect their people and instill confidence in their populace. Unfortunately this confidence can be shattered in the early stages of a disaster response because the news media generally only covers the initial devastation, missing the enormous ongoing relief efforts because they take days, weeks or even months to culminate. SkyLIFE aid packs are the most immediate and visible evidence that help is on the way and that the government is “taking care of its people.”

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Non-threatening posture/Less military

Despite being deployed to help disaster victims, the presence of military units and equipment threaten many populations. Additionally, some governments are reluctant to authorize aid from other countries as this might appear to convey a message that they are weak, vulnerable, and unable to care for their own people. In these instances, SkyLIFE packs can be specially tailored to convey specific messages, without requiring a large footprint or threatening presence. Plus military participation can be limited to nearly invisible, high altitude airdrops of much needed relief aid.

Build local capacity and resilience

Unlike many relief aid products which come from foreign countries, SkyLIFE can sell, lease, or operate Remote Packing Systems (RPS) in the host countries, allowing them to build their own relief supplies in advance. They can even utilize local or regional payloads for delivery in SkyLIFE packs. This creates jobs, local and/or regional commerce, and the pride of contributing towards their own preparedness.

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Precision support without large logistical footprint

In order to protect their Sovereignty, governments prefer not to have multiple foreign militaries, agencies, or even non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating within their borders. As such, coordinating Desperately needed relief aid using SkyLIFE allows them to limit the numbers of foreigners allowed into their country at a time when they feel most vulnerable.


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